ICHAROS | We produce only the finest quality organic, medical grade cannabis products
Icharos products are made from Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO) containing all the essential cannabinoids to render maximum efficacy. Medical grade concentrates that allow for accurate dosing in milligrams.


ICHAROS | Tinctures
ICHAROS | CBD Tinctures
ICHAROS | THC Tinctures
ICHAROS | THCA Tinctures
ICHAROS | CBN Tinctures
Tincture contains 1000mg of cannabinoid extract suspended in 10ml MCT oil. Each drop is equal to 2mg and one can expect around 500+ drops in each bottle.

Our products are supplied in a dropper-top bottle, for ease of dosing, and with micro-dosing, accuracy is guaranteed.

Strain: 20 to 1, CBD to THC.
600mg of CBD.
Strain: 16 to 1, THC to CBD.
600mg of THC.
Strain: 16 to 1, THC to CBD.
600mg of THCA
Strain: 16 to 1,THC to CBD.
600mg CBN.
THC (Delta 9) CBD
Strain: 1 to (THC 10% to CBD 10%)
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ICHAROS | Capsules
ICHAROS | CBD Capsules
ICHAROS | THC Capsules
For those who require higher dosages on THC, CBD, THCA or a combination of THC and CBD, our accurately pre-dosed capsules offer the best solution.

Capsules are pre-dosed and combined with MCT and Lipids for greater absorption. Capsules are metabolized by the liver on the first pass and therefore are highly psychoactive. High doses take time to develop tolerance to. Available in THC, CBD, THCA, THC|CBD

Available in 30’s.

CBD Capsules
Strain: 20 to 1, CBD to THC.
75mg and 150mg.
THC (Delta 9) Capsules
Strain: 16 to 1, THC to CBD.
25mg, 50mg, 100mg, 200mg, 400mg and higher.
THCA Capsules
Strains: 16 to 1, THC to CBD.
Combination Delta 9 (THC) CBD
THC|CBD ratio of 1:1, (THC 10% to CBD 10%)
50mg, 100mg, 200mg, 300mg and higher.
Available at: CannaMedica

Topical balms

ICHAROS | Topical Balms
ICHAROS | Topical Pain Balm
ICHAROS | Topical Skin Balm
Our organic topical balms contain selected natural essential oils, including coconut oil, cannabis oil, and beeswax.  
Specifically formulated THC topicals available in:

Topical Pain Balm
Our scented topical pain balm contains 1000mg THC suspended in 30mg beeswax, contains Myrrh and Frankincense.
Topical Skin Balm
Our topical skin balm in unscented and contains 1000mg of THC suspended in 30mg beeswax.
Available at: CannaMedica


ICHAROS | Suppositories
THC Suppositories are contain 500mg of THC each. Strain: 16 to 1, THC to CBD.
Available at: CannaMedica